Fuji X100 hand held infrared (unmodified standard camera)

It has been a real delight to find out just how good the X100 is for Infrared, it’s a combination of having a virtually hot spot free lens, and clean files up to ISO1600.
The shutter speeds in full sun with an IR720nm filter at ISO1600 tend to be around 1/30th of a second which is hand holdable this lens, just make sure you take a few shots of the same scene in case on or two end up with motion shake.

The below image is an Out of Camera JPG with the following settings;

  • Infrared 720nm filter
  • Black and White
  • ISO1600
  • DR400
  • Shadow Tone – Hard
  • Highlight Tone – Normal


All the images below have the same settings as above, but a little contrast and curve adjustment in post processing (GIMP).


cane field road line

cane field


Palm Road and truck


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