Fuji X100 infrared compared to Converted Olympus E-PM1

Just for fun I thought I would compare my IR converted E-PM1 with my Fuji X100, both with an IR720nm filter.  The E-PM1 has the IR blocking filter removed so shooting hand held at any f-stop is no problem.  The fuji is off the shelf but is still good for hand held IR shots at f2 and ISO1600.  At those settings the Fuji X100 shutter speed is normally around 1/30th of a second, which is completely fine for hand held as long as you’re careful.

All the images have been processed in GIMP, if anyone is interested there is a tutorial here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlQ0qDpMktI

The gear used;

Converted Olympus E-PM1 (IR hot filter removed)
Olympus 9-18mm lens (almost no hot spot, great for IR)
ISO 200

Fuji X100 (standard off the shelf)
23mm f2
ISO 1600

Black and white images first
Olympus E-PM1 image on top, Fuji X100 image below

1 Bed lake side processed bw EPM1
2 Bed lake side processed bw FUJI

9 Tree lake front processed BW EPM1
10 Tree lake front processed BW FUJI

Colour processed images of the same scene, E-PM1 (top) and Fuji (below)

11 Tree lake front processed EPM1
12 Tree lake front processed FUJI

A close up scene to show the difference in depth of field.  The Fuji really deals well with lens flare in this situation, the Oly less so, but of course it’s art.   E-PM1 at f5.6 (top) and the Fuji being at f2 (below)

5 Scales processed EPM1
6 Scales processed FUJI

The E-PM1 tends to have more subtle colours, with the Fuji being more bold, the processing used is not exactly the same as the files are quite different, but I tried to make them similar.  E-PM1 (top) and Fuji (below)

7 Tree processed EPM1
8 Tree processed FUJI

3 Boat processed EPM1
4 Boat processed FUJI